7 Conditions Indicas Strains Help

Indica LeafIndicas are associated with what is known as “couch-lock”.  Indicas relax, induce hunger, causes sleepiness and should mainly be used at night.  You really feel the high of an indica.  It really boils down to the specific strain of the weed on how it will effect you.  There are specific characteristic that differentiate sativas from indicas and how the plant will taste, smell and potency will all depend on the grower.

Medical Uses for Marijuana – Indica

You will want to read about each strain offered by any dispensery before purchasing, so that you choose the correct weed for your need.

Indica can be best for:

  • Pain
  • Chronic Pain
  • Insomnia
  • Anxiety
  • Migraines
  • Seizures
  • Induce Hunger

how much yield will my marijuana plant produce

What is Indicas Characteristics

Indica PlantIndicas have shorter and fatter leaves and thicker and stubbier branches.  Indicas look more like a bush, fuller and shorter than a tree like sativas.  Because of their bushier and shorter growth, indicas are perfect for indoor growing.

Indicas are known for having a more fruity smell and taste as well as being more skunky.  It is really hard to determine a sativa and indica by their taste and smell since there are so many different strains and each have similar smells and tastes to one another.  More and More research is being done to be able to distinguish the types, strain and effects of weed.

Marijuana helps many people have a better quality of life in the mist of being ill.  Cancer patients need help with nausea, eating and sleeping.  This provide them with all of those as well as pain relief and settle any fears and anxieties.  This is a natural plant that provide relief to so many, it should never be out of their reach.

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