Clone Care

clone rootsWe only grow hydroponically so everything that we outline here is base on growing hydroponically.  

Clones are home safe and sound, so it is time to prepare them for survival.  The person we picked the plants up from informed us that he just watered them, which is important to know.  His watering will determine when we water next.
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You will receive your clones in rockwool cubes or brown plugs.  Whichever way you receive yoRockwoolur clones the roots should be sticking out of the rockwool or plug, which indicates an established strong rooted clone.   Take the rockwool cubes or plugs and place them into a larger rockwool cube of 4×4 or 6×6, it is up to what you prefer to use.  You want to do this so the root system can grow and expand down and outward into a medium that will support and promote growth.  

Every rockwool cube comes with a paper or plastic wrapping around the outside.  REMOVE THIS WRAPPING!!!  Never leave this wrapping on because it draws fungus gnats and molds (gray wrapping in picture to the right). Place the clone plug into the rockwool well (hole that goes about half way down the cube) and mold the rockwool snuggly around the plug. 


Purchase some black trays, preferably with holes in the bottom to hold the cubes, and place your 4×4 cubes no more than eight to a tray.  Then you use the black trays with no holes for watering.  

Never allow the rockwool blocks to touch one another, leave a space , otherwise you risk getting mold and fungus gnats. 


ClonexThe biggest challenge in the survival of your clones is watering.  You do not want to overwater and you do not want to underwater.  To find this balance let me tell you the best formula.

You are watering so that the roots grow, to do this you want the roost to seek out the water.  Basically, make the root grow to the water.  Never allow the rockwool cube to become dry and never allow the rockwool to remain soggy.  We water the clones every other day for a week.  If it particularly hot and dry outside we may need to water everyday, but when it is cooler and humid outside then every other day is enough.  

Do not add any nutrients to the water the first week except if you want to add a little bit of Clonex.  Clonex is specifically made for clones and promotes growth and strength.

When you hit the 2nd week with your clones, you will have to decide if your plants need nutrients added to the water.  If you do decide to add nutrients, then do it starting with a little and work your way to more and more and only water them once a day.  We add a splash of calcium/magnesium to our water, because we use reverse osmosis water.  If you use tap water, then you may not need to add anything because your water will already have calcium in it.

The plants will tell you what they need, so keep your eyes open and watch them closely.  You should also care for them manually, do not use an automated systems with your clones.


flouroscent_grow_lightsClones cannot have too much light.  We leave the lights on 24 hours a day.  You do not need to to use HIDs with clones, it is actually best to use special florescent grow lights or your LED lights.

HID lights can be too hot for the clones, which will cause them to basically cook.  You do not want to your clones to be too hot or too cold.  


Digital thermometerThe temperatures should be between 70 and 80 degrees fahrenheit.  If they get too cold or too hot they will die.  Never set your clones directly on concrete and you should not use a heating pad to keep the clones warm, there is a risk of damaging the root.  Watch your temps.

Final Thoughts

big_budYou will learn how to read your plants needs and understand what they require for survival.  Take care of your plants manually so you can watch and monitor their health and progress.  Keep an eye out for bugs and mold and when you see something that does not look right take care of it immediately.  Go online and do research, there are plenty of sites with information that will help you succeed at growing your plants.  

If you have any questions, please leave a comment and we will respond within 12 hours.

Happy growing!!

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