Do We Really Want Marijuana Legal Federally?

Do We Really Want Marijuana Legal Federally?

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There are many reason why marijuana should be legal and why it should not be legal.  I have heard many different arguments for each side.

The gateway argument is nonsense.  If you are an individual who needs a stronger and stronger high then you have a psychological problem that needs to be dealt with – marijuana did not turn cause your problem.

“We need to think of the children” argument is also flawed.  Educating children and parents interaction with their children will help children to make smart decisions.  When I was in high school I had no problem getting weed.  But it was much easier for me to get alcohol.   Which one will ruin a persons life more a far a consumption?  I could have seen me easily becoming an alcoholic over a pot head.  Marijuana is not addictive physically, only psychologically, unlike alcohol which is both.

Industry Concerns 

There are legitimate concern about what would happen to the industry if it did become federally legal.?  What would happen to all the mom and pop shops, who cares about the quality of the product?  What would happen to the purity of the plant?  What would happen to the cost of the product?    We have already seen the effects that pharmaceutical companies, chemical companies and industrial Agriculture can have on industry, products and people.  We cannot allow them to destroy marijuana as well.

In Cleveland a recreational bill was voted down because the weed would be controlled by a monopoly.   People’s greed is already creeping into the industry and that is very disappointing.  We cannot let that happen, we need to keep the product and industry pure and real.

Why it Would Be Best to Remain Illegal

Pharmaceutical Companies

What would happen to marijuana medicinally, if pharmaceutical companies were able to jump on the band wagon?  They have a huge lobby in Washington and unlimited funds.  There is a lot of money to be made in the marijuana industry and pharmaceutical companies would love to control it all.

They could regulate the the industry to the point where no more mom and pops could grow, sell or survive in the industry.  They have such a hold on the government that they could push legislatures into create regulations that benefit them and destroy opportunities for the rest of us.

As far as cost, they would increase costs.  Maybe make it harder to get.  Pharmaceutical companies already inflate the cost of life saving medications.  They also only like to manufacture medication that they know they can make money with regardless of the need.  So, imagine the cost of marijuana from a pharmaceutical company.

Quality is another concern with pharmaceuticals.  How are they going to alter it?  What chemical changes are they going make?  They already have tried to make a synthetic pill that is suppose to work like marijuana  and most patients do not like it.

What goes with pharmaceutical companies?  Medical insurance companies.  There ability to destroy the industry is just as horrific when it comes to cost and availability.   They may determine exactly how much you can get a month, what kind you can have – the possibilities are endless.

Pharmaceutical companies do not care about peoples health, they only care about shareholders and profits.  If they cared about a person’s health, then they would make sure that their products were affordable and accessible to everyone.  If they cared about your welfare, then they would not just create a drug that is popular and money making, but a drug that helps someone whether they make a profit or not.

Chemical Companies 

I feel all I really need to say is Monsanto to get my point across.  But for those of you who do not know who Monsanto is, let me explain.  Monsanto is a chemical company that creates Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO’s).   Then they patented the seed, which has caused huge problems and controversies for farmers, customers and cultures around the world.

For example, corn.  Monsanto sells a special corn seed that has pesticides, insecticides and herbicides in it at a genetic level.  So basically they altered the DNA of the corn so that it is resistant to bugs and weeds.  But bugs and weed adapt.  So now farmers have to use more and more, harsher and harsher pesticides, insecticides and herbicides to kill there new “super” bugs and weeds.  And guess what…Monsanto also makes the stronger and harsher “cides” that the farmers have to buy because of their faulty seed.

We still do not know the full effects these genetically modified foods have on the human body; but a study that was done on rats by Gilles-Eric Serelini.  He proved that rats fed Monsanto’s corn were more likely to form multiple tumors and the control rats who did not eat the GMO feed had way less to none.  The study was retracted after being published, because Monsanto did not like it.  So this is what they did…

Richard Goodman was an ex-Monsanto employee who ended up working at the Journal the study was submitted to.  It was retracted.  After Goodman was no longer on the board that made those decisions the study was republished.  Just makes you wonder.

Anyway, there is so much more that Monsanto had done to hurt crops, communities and farmers.  It is worth looking further into.  The concern is the damage, control and patient they could do to marijuana strains and the industry.

Industrial Farming

Industrial farming are farms that generate massive crops, cattle or pigs.  These are the farms that receive huge subsidies from the government and push little farms out.  Industrial farming has destroyed the farming industry because they are usually under the control and contract of big corporations, like Tyson Chicken, Monsanto, BASF, etc…

Now, once again, imagine these types of farms controlling marijuana and pushing out smaller farmers.  This is sort of already happening in Northern California.  There are giant growing warehouses that are popping up, causing the smaller scale farmer to not be able to compete in pricing and quantity.  What is the quality control of these warehouses?

There is a lot that goes into growing marijuana.  It takes patience, care and drive.  It is time consuming, tedious and at times emotional.  It can be expensive to start and maintain.  It does have a good profit margin, but it does not happen overnight.  People who decide to grow marijuana love marijuana and want to grow the best weed possible for patients and consumers.  They strive to come up with better and more efficient ways to grow.  Industrial farms will destroy that, therefore ruining the entire industry.

Why it Should Be Legal Federally


Because veterans care is under the Veterans Administration, a federal agency, then veterans cannot get access or use marijuana to help their PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder).  If they are caught smoking marijuana then they can lose their benefit or if they are still in the military get dishonorably discharged.  So, instead they are prescribed opioids, anti-anxiety pills, and anti-depressants which can be addictive, deadly and prevent them from having a good quality of life.

Marijuana has been proven to help veterans with PTSD to live a happier more normal life.  Instead we currently have about 22 veterans committing suicide everyday, Marijuana may help reduce that number.  So, if marijuana was federally legal then these veterans would finally get the help they desperately need.

Felony Convictions

Imagine serving 15 years for possession of a couple of joints.  This is happening in many states like Louisiana.  There are many people, mainly minorities, that have felony conviction that follow them for possessing marijuana.

This means that they have a hard time finding work, cannot vote (in some states) and have less quality of life.  The reasons that these incarcerations are occurring are:

  • Marijuana is federally illegal
  • For profit private prisons – make money from he governement for every prisoner
  • Police department bonuses – confiscation of cars, cash and anything else you of worth makes the department money.

Systematic industrial racialism is blatant and needs to be irradiated.

Drug Wars

The drug wars are a war that will never be won and cost billions a year.  A big resolve would be to make marijuana federally legal.  Imagine the money the government would then have available for education, healthcare and job creation.

Drug cartels control, oppress and terrorize entire cities, villages and communities.  Civilian are killed with no regard.  If we legalized marijuana and other drugs, then the drug cartels would have no income therefor would lose their power and hold over the world.

Final Thoughts

I would love for marijuana to be legal federally. To help those that are suffering under its illegality.  But until there is better protection of marijuana from the pharmaceutical companies, chemical companies and industrial agriculture then we cannot allow for it to be federally legal.  The states can continue to make it legal and regulate it, so long as it does not create monopolies or harm the industry.

I would really like to hear your thoughts on the subject, please leave a comment.

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