What are Dabs?

marijuana dabsWhat are dabs?  Dabs are basically concentrate, waxes or oils.  Looks like dark amber sap.  Dabs are made a couple of different ways with butane or a heat press.  We prefer to use a heat press because you do not get the impurities like you do with butane.  Also, butane runs a risk of exploding if it is not done with care and caution. Our way of doing it does not have that danger and the by-product is clean, concentrated extract.  It is hard work, takes a lot of time and the yield is not as big as what you get from butane extract, but we prefer quality over quantity.

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How To Smoke Dabsdabs smoke

 You can use dabs with a “Dab Rig”, which is pictured to your right.  This has a long prep process and uses a blow torch.  Some people may like that, I myself find it to be too much work.  So the easiest way to smoke Dabs is with a vaporizer, like a Vape Pen or bigger vape home unit.  Dabs are essentially waxes, concentrates and oil, which are perfect for vaporizers.

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