Marijuana Edibles

EdiblesThe edibles of today are not just brownies and cookies like the olden days.  Now edibles are candy cars, sodas, ice cream and even barbecue sauce.  The packaging has come into questions because some make their product packaging look like mainstream products or make the packaging very colorful like to appeal to kids.  I believe packaging should look plain and written very clearly Marijuana Edible.

How to Eat an Edible

Edibles are snacks with marijuana in them.  There has been some concern with edibles, because people are not using them correctly.  When you eat an edible of any size or type, you should eat one bite at a time and wait for effect.  Some effect come on later, even hours later, it depends on the person and their tolerance.  If you were to eat an entire cookie or candy bar you may become a bit freaked out.  Edibles are made out of concentrate and can be very potent.  So eating one bit at a time and seeing how it effects you is the best way to begin consuming edibles and avoid unwanted anxiety attacks.