4 Traditional Ways to Smoke Marijuana

The Joint

Rolling Machines

The joint, yet still very popular, is also very old school these days when it comes to smoking weed.  The time it takes to break up the bud, evenly distribute it onto the rolling paper, roll it up just right and then sparking it up is a ritual that many still prefer today.  Holding and lighting the joint is an action, to many, that is the definition of smoking weed.  From the days of Cheech and Chong to the modern day visual of Bill Mahar sparking one up on his show Real Time with Bill Mahar, the joint is what smoking weed will always look like.  Click on the picture to purchase rolling papers or roll machines.

Bongs Away

BongThe other form of smoking that is synonymous with weed, is the ever famous bong.  Who doesn’t remember their first hit of marijuana through a bong.  People have turned everything from a gas mask to a bowling ball into a bong.  It helps define our personalities, likes and creativity.  The sound of the water bubbling and the smoke billowing in the bong is another heavenly ritual that will never die.  Unfortunately since they are mostly made of glass, you must not get too attached to your bongs, because eventually they will break, by you or a friend.  My husband and glass do not do well together and he has had his heart shattered from staring at the shard remains of his favorite bongs on the floor.  Visit glasshous for a wide variety of bongs.

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Not Your Grandfathers Pipe

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The marijuana pipe is another very popular way to smoke marijuana and extremely ritualistic for many smokers.  We are not talking about corn cob pipes that your grandfather used to smoke, but works of art that are made of glass into all sort of shapes, sizes and colors.  Most weed smokers have a collection because, once again, weed smokers and glass are not really a smart combination.  My husbands preferred way to smoke is through a pipe.  It is the ritual of smoking through the pipe that gives him just as much pleasure as the weed itself.  I also have a friend that like to sit and relax in her recliner holding her pipe in one hand, like a security blanket and her lighter in the other.   Once again do not get too attached to your glass pipe, with age and use it becomes more and more fragile.  To see a huge variety of pipes click on the picture.

Smoking with a Hookah

Using a hookah can be fun, especially if you have friends over.  You put some water into the hookah and the weed is place in the bowl on the top of the unit.  Using a torch lighter heat up the weed, the chamber fills with smoke and everybody takes in a deep breath of smoke.  They can be expensive and some are quite elegant looking.  It will be a nice piece to add to your collection.  To see a great selection of hookahs click on the picture.

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