Different Ways to Use Marijuana

Marijuana paraphernaliaThere are many different ways to use marijuana.  You can smoke it, use a vaporizer, or eat an edible.  How you intake marijuana is just as important as the marijuana itself.  For some it is personal and ritualistic, while for others it is all about getting the best high.  What ever your choice is, it is destine to be your favorite way and no other way will do.

Use Precaution with Concentrates

Whatever your way is, when trying something new, take it slow and little bit by little bit to see how you react.  Some forms of marijuana that are out there, are so concentrated that you do not want to over do it and feel like that if you stop focusing on breathing then you won’t remember to breath.  You know who you are that have experienced this.  The fact is that no matter what you are using marijuana for, you want to use precaution and not eat an entire edible candy bar in one sitting or smoke dab after dab after dab.  Some weeds take longer for the effects to be felt and if you over do it, you may experience an anxiety attack, for the likes of which you have never seen.  So use precaution.  We do not want the actions of a few to spoil it for the bunch.



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