About Us

We are Derek and Gina and have been together for more than twenty years.  We are a not as young as we are in this photo.  I just really like it.  One thing that has not changed is our values and how much we care about peoples health and quality of life.Scan 1_Fotor  Medicinal marijuana is a great alternative to using pharmaceuticals, if a person so chooses, which can cause liver damage, stomach problems, insomnia and a tons of other side effects.   Pain relievers can be addictive and deadly as well.  Chemotherapy causes pain in the muscles, stomach and nerves, as well as, causes nausea, loss of appetite, nerve damage and headaches.  Cancer patients go through so much pain, suffering and emotional turmoil, relief is something that they deserve.   People who are sick should be able to get the care they want and use what works best for them, so they can have the greatest quality of life as possible. This is what medical marijuana is all about.  We firmly believe in this and have dedicated our lives to helping others.

Mojave Gardens

We are a small collective that has been growing medical marijuana for other collectives, for about three years.  We believe in only providing quality products to our patients.  We grow indoors, hydroponically and care for each plant individually to assure quality control.  We use only natural organic pest and fungal control.  The indoor garden is cleaned and disinfected between crops with only natural cleaners with no harsh chemicals.  We pride ourselves on only producing quality medicine in its most natural form.

We are incorporated in the state of California and only follow the regulation and guidelines under California law.  We take the regulation and laws very seriously and require all proper documentation to be up to date and available upon request.  We require a medical marijuana card or certificate fully executed by a doctor, driver’s license or state ID and you must sign a form agreeing to be part of our collective.